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This I made is for everyone feeling down. It has most things. From self harm to Breakups. Enjoy life and don't fear death also it has about death. So read

Well I went shopping with my mum for my birthday. So fun! We went to a lot of shops. I really want a new hair cut but mum said it's fine how it is. Well

Created by: singin234
  1. Look I made this for a reason
  2. Some people are going though a tough time in their lives so I am going to say things to help them or lighten up their day or night
  3. 1st. { Iherd someone died on GTQ, I know the user name but I don't want to spell it in case I get it wrong.} At some point in our lives we are going to die. Don't fear death. Even when people die it will cause us pain if we were close to them or loved them. They want you to be happy, they won't worry about being remembered then there gone. It's hard the pain will heal. In stories there is always an ending. But in life every end is a new beginning. In stories they might have a happy ending but in life happy endings aren't real.
  4. 2. {Breakups} Yeah I no expert on this but I have watched people get dumped and asked go. Insane really. I know it will hurt and for a while you won't get over it. Even if you did really quickly you won't be the best person. Maybe if they were horrible it would be easy to get over. Don't use people. Don't hurt people because your hurting. Yes if someone dumpped you, try to find someone better. Be happy, show them what they are missing. Whatever you do don't think too much about it. If it wasn't ment to be it wasnt meant to be. Be strong, happy and yes it will be hard if it was a long time. But you will find someone better, who knows then they will come. Your still young, don't rush into all that stuff. Be young and be happy.
  5. 3. {Happniess} Look be happy for what you have. You have so many reasons to smile, your life. You have food, water, a roof over your head. Even if you don't have good family or friends. With friends, most people suck. Okay it's the fact of life, people are selfish and ONLY do things for themselves. I say stuff them, don't let them get you down. BE HAPPY! Family, is tough. Look I can't say much about family but nothing is hopelss in life. They are who they are, you can't change who people are. Just accept it, I have accept my dad. He is done this I disagree with. It's their life, they can chose what they do. Yes people make mistakes, you will too. Just do the right thing. Be safe and happy
  6. 4. {Friendships} Friends, one day we hate them and the next we love them. True friends don't come easy in life, they are so hard to find. Some people will be your friend then thy might stop talking to you. Yes I have had that done to be. I have had my best friend taken from me by her EX-betfreind. It hurt but I found a new best friend. Yes she wasn't better, we didn't click but she was still my friend. Now my best friend was a year older than me and moved away. So I have no best friend but I have friends. At one point I Didn't want anyone as my friend. So I was alone and it's okay being alone. I realize that now, I always had my mother. But being alone isn't better but it's okay to be. Sometimes people don't stay in our loves but we are going to have to accept that they will stay in out hearts.
  7. 5. {Self harm} This is a big NO NO. I remember that line from somewhere...Anyway don't do it. Look your hurting yourself and other people around you. Okay even if everyone ingored you, this might sound werid but I CARE. look don't, I don't care who you are just don't do it. It hurts me okay to hear that people do it. IT HURTS! I hate to think someone is that unhappy. I just might be insane but alest I have a heart. I am not afraid to show it. So don't, don't ruin your life like that.
  8. 6. {Swearing} Okay swearing is a had habit. Yes sometimes you can swear at the right time but all the time? Really? Yeah don't, look I know sometimes people just have to swear. But saying it for no reason is really not that good. About this I can't judge and I won't. I don't know you, but saying it for a reason helps.
  9. 7. {Being a good friend} Okay being a good friend, do make up jokes about your friend that can hurt them. About their teeth, hair, leg hair, feet, height and other things. It's not right. Don't ditch your friends for a boy. Friends are better than boyfriends that you might end up dumping. Don't make your friend do something that they don't want too. If your friend is doing something you don't like, if it's bad talk to them about it. But your friends are going to do something with their life. It's their's not yours so don't control it. Don't take your friends crush, thats simple. Don't date your friends EXs, look your friend might of had a hard time getting over them. So don't date them, it will just bring them pain. DONT USE YOUR FRIENDS, EVER!!
  10. That's it for now. But ~Dream, Hope and Faith~ That's what I always remember, never give up and I hope you liked this. Well I made this for a reason but I wanted to get my Point of you across

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