Do people know you self harm?

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Having experience from self harm, I always used to wonder if anyone knew or guessed if I had harmed myself. I always used to search up quizzes as I was desperate, so I decided to make one myself.

Remember that if your self harm is serious, telling a trusted family member or friend will make it a lot easier, eventhough its tough. Self harm can make life eaiser in some ways, but can be very addictive, so if you are thinking of starting, please think of the concequences once youve finished.

Created by: Freya
  1. How many scars / bruises / cuts etc. do you have from self harming?
  2. Do you try to cover your self harm up?
  3. Have you told anyone about your self harm?
  4. Do you have to wear plasters / bandages to cover up your self harm?
  5. How often do you self harm
  6. When did you last self harm?
  7. Has your mood changed recently?
  8. Do you ever self harm in a public place?
  9. Do you have to go to doctors, or the mental health teachers at school ever?
  10. Do you ever post sad posts on your social media?

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