Are you a demigod?

Are you a demigod find out and take the quiz? This quiz will show you who you really are. You may have an extraordinary talent and not yet know and please I advise you to read the Percy Jackson series before taking this quiz.

This quiz will show you were you belong? Camp Jupiter or Camp-half blood? So take this quiz which will take a few minutes and find out who you really are?

Created by: Hemisha
  1. Do you have ADHD?
  2. Do you have dyslexia?
  3. Do u have a strange friend? or someone constantly following you?
  4. Do u get weird dreams?
  5. Do u sometimes feel like your being watched?
  6. Have you done something no one believes you what you say?
  7. Do u have any unusual talents?
  8. Which is your favourite character from the Percy Jackson cast
  9. If you were told you were a demigod how would you react?
  10. What's your favourite Percy Jackson book
  11. Which do u prefer?

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Quiz topic: Am I a demigod?