There are many chances that you can be a demigod but this quiz gives you the final answer if you are a demigod or not . If you do get the answer that you are , seek help before your twelfth birthday .

Do you have what it takes to be a demigod and to go to camp half blood . Take this quiz and see if you could be qualified to go to camp half blood . In a few minutes you will find out .

Created by: That Know-It-All
  1. Have you been diagnosed with ADHD and / or dyslexia?
  2. Do you have suspicions that one or more of your teachers ?
  3. Have very odd events that you can not explain happened?
  4. You often déjí  vu? Right ?
  5. Do you sometimes think that you are not actually a member of your family or your father or mother is not your birth father or mother ?
  6. Do one of your friends (or more) seem quite abnormal?
  7. When you are alone , do you think that someone is following you or watching you even though no one is there ?
  8. Are you able to control dreams and / or nightmares ?
  9. Do you have reoccurring vivid dreams ?

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Quiz topic: Am I A DEMIGOD QUIZ