There are many things to know about Demi Lovato. Some people just don't make it. Some people do. Which one will you be? Take this quiz to find out! GOOD LUCK! TIME TO FIND OUT IF UR A DEMI LOVATO KNOW IT ALL!

Are YOU a Demi Lovato know it-all?! Thanks to this DEMI-LICIOUS QUIZ, You can now find out! Some people will fail. Some people won't, but thats ok. GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Haley

  1. What is Demi's full-name?
  2. Who is Demi's best friend?
  3. How many sisters does Demi have and what are their names?
  4. Who is Demi's ex-boyfriend?
  5. What song on her album 'Don't Forget' has a music video?
  6. What is Demi's favorite band?
  7. Who is Demi's role-model?
  8. What are Demi's two favorite colors?
  9. What Disney Channel show will Demi be the star of in 2009?
  10. What team was Demi on in the 2008 'Disney Channel Games'?

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