Gilmore Girl Ultimate Trivia

This is a quiz dedicated to the wonderful, humorous, brilliant show "Gilmore Girls" that aired in 2000 and sadly came to a close in 2007. This quiz only goes through the first 5 or 6 seasons...but enjoy!

These questions are based on mostly rory and lorelai, and can be quite detailed. There are a lot of questions but hang tight, you will enjoy it! SEE HOW WELL YOU KNOW YOUR G-GIRLS!!!

Created by: Amanda
  1. Basic question to start, how old are the Gilmore girls when the show starts?
  2. Why are Lorelai and Rory's dad not together?
  3. What happens to first "trap" Lorelai and Rory into weekly dinners with Richard and Emily?
  4. When does Rory first notice Dean?
  5. How long do Rory and Dean date?
  6. What is the name of Puff leader and arch-enemy to Rory at Chilton?
  7. While her emotions are mixed up, where does Rory escape to after Sookie's wedding?
  8. What was Christopher's girlfriend's name?
  9. Who wins the 24-hour dance marathon every November?
  10. How much time passes from the time Jess and Rory first kiss and they finally get together?
  11. Who is Lorelai named after?
  12. Who is Lorelai with in season 3?
  13. When the Independence Inn catches on fire, where does Lorelai stay the night?
  14. When Jess is invited over to Rory's grandparents' house, who did he get in a fight with right beforehand?
  15. Where do Jess and Rory end up and Jess tries to go to fourth base with her?
  16. Where does Jess move to at the end of season 3?
  17. Who becomes the Valedictorian and runner up?
  18. What does Taylor nominate Rory as in commemoration to his new soda shoppe?
  19. When does Dean get married, and what happens?
  20. Who writes "Die Jerk" on Rory's dorm room?
  21. What dessert does Emily and Richard bring back from Sweden and Rory and Lorelai spit out in their napkins?
  22. Why does Luke lend Lorelai a big sum of money?
  23. Why does Luke end up in jail one night?
  24. How does Mrs. Kim first discover her daughter, Lane has been keeping secrets from her?
  25. Who is Lorelai dating in season 4?
  26. Who is Lorelai dating in season 5?
  27. Who is Lorelai dating in season 7?
  28. How does Luke and Lorelai's engagement go?
  29. When do we see Jess last?
  30. What are Sookies' kids' names?
  31. Who does Rory date in season 5?
  32. Where does Lane first stay after moving out of Mrs. kim's?
  33. What happens when gran Lorelai dies?
  34. What happens at the end of season 4?
  35. How do Lorelai and Luke start getting along better again in season 5?
  36. Who does Rory go to after her jail circumstance and Lorelai is upset with her?
  37. How many community service hours does Rory have to do?
  38. What do Richard and Emily call Rory's pool room once they argue with her?
  39. Who is Lorelai dating in season 6?
  40. Who helps Rory realize that she needs to go back to Yale, after taking some time off?

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