Are you a science wizard?

We know that few individuals are given unique talent in this world.Some are talented,some are gifted,some are Genius and ofcourse some became Wizard!what is wizard?It is actually a person who has an extraordinary knowledge on something.A science wizard is a person who knows a lot about science w/o suffering from too much reading or studying.He can even discover or solve things w/ his own analysis.

Are you a SCIENCE wizard?Do you have the brain power to get this Fabulous Title that only few can have?So why don't you challenge yourself?do you want to find out if you deserve this title?WELL,you just found the right quiz to test your abilities.GOOD LUCK!

Created by: carlo_kazekage15
  1. It is a substance that emits visible light when struck by energy.
  2. What is the chemical symbol of tungsten?
  3. The chemical symbol of silver is "Ag".What do "Ag" stands for?
  4. The study of matter and energy.
  5. What was the 1st sentence transmitted on a telephone?
  6. What will happen to the pressure as the height increases?
  7. What is the hormone found in males?
  8. Who formulated the "theory of relativity"?
  9. A device that converts AC to DC.
  10. He pioneered in the study of heredity.An Austrian monk and amateur botanist.
  11. What do you mean by DNA?
  12. Where can you find smooth muscles?
  13. What is the unit of frequency?
  14. It is the best conductor of electricity.
  15. What is the unit of charge?
  16. what is your favorite subject?
  17. A 1.5 kg cart is moving at a constant velocity of 5 m/s to the east while the second 2 kg cart is heading toward west at a constant speed of 3 m/s.What is the total momentum of cart?
  18. The product of mass and velocity is called ?
  19. What is the electrical energy when the power is 20 W and the time 10 h?
  20. Light is splitted into colors when passing through prism.What do you call this?
  21. What is the use of Meteorological Satellite?
  22. What is the temperature when 139.28 degree fahrenheit is converted to celsius?
  23. Convert 186.62 grams to Troy ounce.
  24. Convert 71.2 yard to metre.
  25. Last question,do you believe in yourself that you're a wizard?

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Quiz topic: Am I a science wizard?