how much do you know about Wizard 101

are you a genius at wizard 101 if you are then you have done a lot of work leveling and getting new spells but there are lots of low levels but the high levels know lots of things about wizard 101 and have lots of high level spells.

are you a genius at wizard 101? if you are then great job you will find out if you are a genius at wizard 101 so thanks for doing my quiz that i made i made this quiz with lots of hard work so thanks for taking my quiz.

Created by: christian
  1. what is the level 42 fire spell?
  2. how many characters can you make?
  3. what is the max level?
  4. how many schools are there?
  5. what is the level 16 balance spell?
  6. what will the level 48 death spell be when it comes out?
  7. which school has the highest attack?
  8. which school has the least attack?
  9. what are all 5 worlds?
  10. which world would you find cows in?
  11. is it true or false that there is a life spell called wild life?
  12. can you kill malistaire in dragon spyre?
  13. can you go passed level 40?
  14. can you say bad words?
  15. how many spells are there for each school right now?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Wizard 101