What type of wizard are you?

There are many types of mages, wizards, spellcasters, sorcerers, and whatever else those skilled in the mystical arts are called. Which one are you? Regardless of your personality, there are special powers within you. Who knows how powerful you are?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a wizard? Take this quiz and find out! There's a little bit of magic in all of us. It's up to YOU to find out who you associate yourself with.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
As a spellcaster, what is the most important aspect of using your powers?
I use it for the good of mankind
I use it for my own personal desires
I use it only if the situation calls for it
I use it because it feels good
Where are your powers derived from?
From Heaven above
From Hell below
From the spirit of the earth
From a mental state of being
What is your intended target for using your powers?
Those in need
Those who oppose me
Those who try to mess with my goals
Those who try to change me
What is your weakness?
Failure to save others
Failure to achieve my goals
Failure to keep things under control
Failure to stay sane
What would you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?
To save the world
To destroy the world
To simply exist in the world
To turn the world into non-existence
Where do you prefer to live?
Around others
By myself
Around those who don't care what I think
In the recesses of my mind
Who is your worst enemy?
Those who fight for lost causes
There are no enemies if the price is right
Which of these would be your best weapon?
Words and Wisdom
Swords and Staves
Spells and Enchantments
My Mind and Conscience
Let's say, as you are traveling on a journey for your ultimate quest, you stumble across a treasure chest containing infinite riches. What would you do with the contents?
Give it to the needy
The only needy person is ME
Use it whenever any situation calls for it
Seek self-help
You are weakened after a deadly battle with an arch-rival. What would you do to restore your strength?
Use medicine
Cast a spell
Wait it out
Weakness is only a state of mind
If you were to join a group of travelers to help you on your mission, what group would you associate yourself with?
A religious following
A cult following
Everyday people
Those who've suffered extreme hardships
You've overtaken the enemy castle. The only people left in the room are you and the opposing king. What are you to do?
Call a truce
Kill him ruthlessly
Jail him and rely on the justice system
Torture him
Which would you say is your best trait?
My mental prowess
My brute strength
My astonishing speed
My high tolerance for pain
You and your friends are traveling together and you come across a large army of demons. What would your initial reaction be?
Create a stable defense; protect all your comrades
Call a truce OR go separate ways
Play mind games with them until you are satisfied
How did you learn your spellcasting skills?
I was taught
I was born with them
How do you feel about romance?
Love blooms like a beautiful flower
Love wilts like a decaying corpse
Which of these animals would you say best represents you?
A bird
A panther
A panther
A shark
Which of these words describes you best?
How do you prefer to travel?
I don't travel
You stumble across a man. A wanted poster of him in town says: "Wanted Dead or Alive: 100,000 Gold Pieces." What do you do?
Turn him in; don't kill him, and get the reward
Turn him in; kill him, and get the reward
Ask him to join you on your journey
Turn him in, take the reward, and break him out of jail. Repeat in the next town
Which of these sorcery-based weapons do you prefer to use to aid you in your spellcasting abilities?
Who would be the final obstacle in your quest?
An demon out to destroy the world
An angel out to purify the world
A group of people who try to stop your mission
Your own personal obstacles
What would be your ultimate spell?
One that shows healing power at its best
One that shows destructive power at its best
One that shows the human soul at its best
One that shows the world who's the boss
What is your preferred climate?
In the snow
In the swamps
In the cities
In a secret place where you can be alone
You found a dragon egg, abandoned by its mother. As it hatches, it believes you to be its mother figure. Since you're in control of this animal's future, how will you raise and train it?
Teach it to live in harmony and help others
Teach it to destroy, destroy, destroy
Wait till it's old enough to leave on its own, and have it fend for itself
Bend its will to play your own twisted mind games
How HOLY are you?
Not at all
How DESTRUCTIVE are you?
Not at all
How much do you rely on OTHERS?
Not at all
How much do you believe that you need THERAPY?
Not at all
How often do you associate yourself with WATER?
Not at all
How often do you associate yourself with DARKNESS and its evils?
Not at all
How often do you associate yourself with NATURE?
Not at all
How often do you associate yourself with FIRE?
Not at all
Which of these numbers do you best associate yourself with?
Lucky "7"
Mark of the Beast "666"
Unlucky "13"
The Unique "1.5332056077938660332"
You have one hour left to live, and for that hour you are granted peak magical power. What do you choose to do with it?
Help those all around me
Destroy all those around me
Don't do anything
Crawl in a corner and cry
Part I: Which of these words best describes your personality?
Part II: Which of these words best describes your personality?
Part III: Which of these words best describes your personality?
You've just killed somebody in cold blood. What do you do?
Turn myself in; atone for my sins
Become fueled to kill again
Walk off as if nothing happened
Do weird things with the body
Regardless of your personality, you were compelled to save somebody's life. What do you do?
Pray that nobody was hurt
Realize you did something right and kill the person anyways
Ask for a reward
Kill yourself

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