A Fun Math Test

So you wanna take a test? Nice. Just don't screw up! You never know when the slightest mistake could get you a bad grade! Are you a math wizard? Have a nice time taking the test! Do good!

Only you can find out if you are smart or dumb! Do you have the brainpower to ace this test? Or do you have the crap in the brains to bomb it? Find out now! Only the quiz will tell you!

Created by: Metallica344

  1. Steve had 20$. Max gave him some more money. Steve now has 35$. How much money did Max give Steve?
  2. What is 7x5?
  3. It is 7:34 PM. What time will it be in 3 hours and 6 minutes?
  4. Maria had $4.58. She gave away $2.33. How much money does she have now?
  5. 46+25=?
  6. Find the perimeter. 4 cm.+4 cm.+8 cm.+2 cm.=?
  7. My dog gets 3 treats each day of the week. How many dog treats does he get?
  8. Stan has 23 juice boxes for the class party. What can we eliminate in this fact? (a step in the 5 steps of problem solving)
  9. Room 21 made 28 mini-skeletons Room 15 made 39 mini-skeletons How many mini-skeletons did they make all together?
  10. Metallica put 11 songs in one of their albums. They took 4 songs off the album. How many songs are on the album now?

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