The Animal Trivea Quiz

This is a test. If you are younger than 17th grade, I wouldn't be doing this. But yeah, If i, a little 4th grader can do it, I guess you can too! Now Come on! Take the quiz!

You can win this! But, before you take it, I want to warn you, don't get mad about your score! I hope you feal all right after you get a low score. No offence though!

Created by: amazon

  1. What is more dangerous?
  2. What does the Mane Wolf NOT eat?
  3. How many weeks is a female cat in gestation?
  4. Who were the twin rasied by a wolf?
  5. What is/does (a)Mononykus Olecranus?
  6. What is a Siberian Tiger's scientific name?
  7. How long can a Texas Blind Cave Salamander go with out food?
  8. True or False? A Blue Pike is a Bird
  9. Do ALL Hyenas scaventures?
  10. What kind of Piranha has the sharpest teeth?

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