Did You Pay Attention in 7th Grade?

This quiz will tell you weather or not you payed attention 7th grade. Some of these questions may seen hard, but DON'T LOOK THEM UP! THAT'S CHEATING, AND EVEN THOUGH IT WON'T SAY YOU GOT AN F, YOU WILL MENTALLY! SO DON'T CHEAT!

Instructions on 11-14: Obviously you won't know these, so this is Study Skills, look them up and find the right answers, most likely you can't do it without looking them up, so 11-14, look up.

Created by: A Seventh Grader
  1. b4-2h3=
  2. What is the cicumfrence of a circle with a diameter of 8.12cm?
  3. What is the definition for venerate?
  4. How do you spell "lim-fuh-gran-yuh-loh-muh"?
  5. What was the first name of the man who assasanaited Franklin Roosevelt?
  6. How many passengers were on the Mayflower?
  7. What was designed to split atoms?
  8. What is a "Canis lupus familiaris"?
  9. Please Figure Out How to do this in the second paragraph: What are the annitials of the Corpus Cristi mayor?
  10. In the Ulvurston Golf Club, the golf club is ver specific about their tee's, finish the sentance: Please play off the yellow tees for _____, red tees for ______.
  11. The Yew Tree Farm in Coniston's farmhouse was built in what century?
  12. Poynton High School's headmaster's name is...

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