Walk through the ancient world

If you have had or are going to have the Walk through the ancient world, then you should take this test to see if you are ready or if you payed attention at all. This thing says to write one hundred fifty words... hmm. do you like peanut butter?

Did you pay attention in the sixth grade walk through? Are you smart enough to take my quiz? Can you even get one answer right? Am I really asking you these questions, or are you just crazy? Well, why dont you take my quiz to find out!!!!

Created by: Lexie

  1. What Greek Godess is on the California State Seal?
  2. Who wore the famous two color crown?
  3. Who's name means "beautiful one"?
  4. Who played the fiddle as Rome burned?
  5. What was typical of Roman appearal?
  6. Who was the Greek supreme god?
  7. Which queen brought her people prosperity through her rule?
  8. Who preached God's word through Rome?
  9. What were the "dark ages?"
  10. Who was a blind poet?

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