Know Your Religion (LDS)

It seems there may be some things about the church that you are not too familiar with..or, perhaps you are all up to date with church policy, history and practices. If you find any errors or have any suggestions, please let me know.

There are many facebook groups that have been formed to discuss a lot of topics in church history, practice and doctrine. Maybe you are already aware of them?? This is not meant to be a criticism, but being aware of our history lets us see more clearly the present and future. Things have changed and that gives me hope.

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  1. When Joseph has his 1820 vision in the Grove, did he then share that experience with anyone?
  2. Which one of these activities happened at the first Endowment ceremony in the Kirtland Temple?
  3. What was the age of the youngest woman when she was married to Joseph Smith?
  4. How much were early LDS bishops paid?
  5. The church allowed black men to be ordained in 1978. What reason is given for the change in policy?
  6. According to Oliver Cowdry, the Book of Mormon's scribe, what technique did Joseph use most successfully to dictate to him the text of the Book of Mormon?
  7. In a 1947 letter from the first presidency (Joseph F. Smith, J. Ruben Clark, and David O. McKay) what did they say about inter racial marriage?
  8. As prophet, Brigham Young taught which of the following controversial doctrines in sermons to the body of the church?
  9. What did Joseph Smith tell his wife Emma about his plural marriages?
  10. Which of the following was Joseph Smith accused of and tried for in 1826, 6 years after his first vision?
  11. What events happened at Carthage Jail in 1844?

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