Church History Test

Yeah this quiz talks about early Church history that every Catholic should be aware of. Very important to study Church history along with its dogmas.

Well yeah just read above what I said. I really hate writing these stupid paragraphs. The administration needs to change something about this or I'm switching sites.

Created by: Yaroslav
  1. Who was the first Pope?
  2. Who was the first New Covenant martyr?
  3. Which of the following persecuted Catholics before converting?
  4. Who wrote the Book of Acts?
  5. In what year was the Council of Jerusalem?
  6. Who was the first Bishop of Jerusalem?
  7. What were the decisions of Council of Jerusalem?
  8. In what city were the disciples first called "Christians"?
  9. Who was the first Bishop of Antioch?
  10. Which Apostle traveled and preached in India?
  11. Who was the second Bishop of Jerusalem?
  12. Which Emperor burned Rome and blamed Catholics?
  13. How was St. Peter martyred?
  14. How was St. Paul martyred?
  15. Who was the second Pope?
  16. Which Saint was one of the children whom Jesus took in his arms and blessed?
  17. Who was the third Bishop of Antioch?
  18. Which of the following was NOT a Pope?
  19. Under which Emperor did the Church suffer its worst persecution yet?
  20. Which Emperor legalized Christianity?
  21. Who presided over First Council of Nicaea?
  22. What was the heresy of Arianism?
  23. Which Saint was the most outspoken critic of Arianism?
  24. Which Saint translated the Bible into Latin?
  25. Which Emperor presided over First Council of Constantinople and made Christianity the state religion of Rome?

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