Religion has, in this post 9/11 world, become a rallying point for some, a threat to many and a source of hatred for others. What is a fanatic ? what is a liberal ?

Use this quiz to justify what you think you may be, that others are (as usual) completely wrong or just to get your brain asking the right questions.

Created by: Zee
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  1. Do you regularly offer ritual prayer ?
  2. Do you blame a supreme being for what happens to you ? (good or bad)
  3. Do you believe that you will be held accountable for your actions in life .. after you're dead ?
  4. Did you believe 9/11 was a:
  5. Do you get irritated, angry or frustrated when you think somebody is insulting your religion ?
  6. Would you push your kids to follow your religion ?
  7. "Most religions are actually the same, just distorted by people to meet their own ends." Do you agree ?
  8. You see somebody being assaulted because they stood up for their religion by either saying something, dressing a certain way or acting out of the norm...what do you do ?
  9. I have thought of giving up religion altogether .....
  10. "I believe in religion but only as far as I don't have a problem with it"...

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