How religious are you (only for Judaism)?

There are many Jewish people. But only half are very religious. Some may be going to Hebrew school, getting a Hebrew name, and getting a Bar/Bat mitzvah, but their not totally religious. After all, how are you religious? Do you light Shabbat candles each Friday night? Eat only kosher? Wear a kippa? Take this quiz to find out.

Are YOU religious? Or are you just another Hebrew wannabee? Before today, that question baffled even me, but now I found out a brilliant way to figure that out. Just sacrifice a few minutes of your time to take this quiz, and you'll have that piece of knowledge with you forever.

Created by: Mark
  1. Are you, or do you want to be a rabbi?
  2. Do you always wear a tzit-tzit or kippa?
  3. Are you Jewish?
  4. Do you have a Jewish name?
  5. Did you, or are you going to have a bar/bat mirzvah?
  6. Do you celebrate shabbat every week?
  7. Are you superstitious?
  8. Do you always wear a tefillin?
  9. Do you always wear skirts?
  10. Do you consider yourself religious?
  11. Do you fast on Yom Kippur?
  12. Do you wear colorful clothes?
  13. Do you eat ONLY kosher?
  14. Do you go to a Private school where everyone is Jewish?
  15. Do you believe in God?
  16. Are you still waiting for the messiah?
  17. Do you pray everyday?
  18. Is your Hebrew Name your ONLY name?
  19. Do you have an Israeli sounding name, like Chaviv, or Shmuel?
  20. On a scale of 1-6, how good was my quiz?
  21. Do you go to Hebrew school?
  22. Have you been attending religious services lately (for Hebrew ceremonies ONLY)?

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Quiz topic: How religious am I (only for Judaism)?