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  • This was an exercise in shallowness. Being a Jew involves a lot more than observing outward forms. To REALLY be a Jew requires believing in, and always trying to live by the moral and ethical principles of ethical monotheism.

    Focu sing on whether or not you have an Israeli-sounding name, wear tzitzit, and keep Kosher doesn't address the substantive fundamentals of what it means to be a Jew belief at all. If you daven three times a day but never bother to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God, the other stuff is meaningless.

  • I was married to a Hasidic Rabbi and he became such a man who only other Rabbis would want to be with he treated me this way because i am not a full Hebrew only part but he married me knowing this and it makes no since to me for any one to treat each other this way. We should treat people like we want to be treated like.

  • Kippa is not only for boys, skirt is not only for girls. Whoever made this quiz thinks most clothing is for boys and a little - for girls. Just like the boy-girl color problem.

  • Nice! I'm frum (that means orthodox Jewish) and I enjoyed this!

    Although the test said I'm only 73%. Also, if the school I go to is a jewish private school, does that mean it's a hebrew school? Because if not I don't go to one.

    Dangerous Rose
  • just saying: this only works for orthodox or hasidic jews: it talks about how religious you in terms of those beliefs. i am reconstructionist, my dad is a rabbi, and my judaism is very important to me


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