Do you like ISIS?

Islam is a widespread religion throughout the world. Not without reason because this is the best religion ever. There is also a state centered around this religion.

Do you like Islam? Do you like the state of Islam? Do you love reading the quran and praying in mosques? Then take this quiz to find out how much a muslim you really are!

Created by: 9tiopoliz9

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  1. Which of the following states is the best?
  2. Which of the following religions is the best?
  3. How often do you pray to Allah and read the Quran?
  4. How often do you enter a mosque?
  5. How would you like the world to be?
  6. How should infidels be treated?
  7. What's the best way to execute an ifidel?
  8. Which of the following persons do you see as the best leader of a state?
  9. How would you rather dress?
  10. Do you want to establish Sharia laws?
  11. Should women have the same rights as men?
  12. Which women's clothing do you prefer?
  13. What's the worst crime possible to commit?
  14. Would you like to live in an Islamic state?
  15. Would you sacrifice everything, including your life for Islam and Allah?
  16. Last but not least, do you like the Islamic State?

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Quiz topic: Do I like ISIS?