What Should Your Religion Be?

I did a lot of research on different religions and this took awhile, but I'm glad I did it. I'm agnostic myself, but from this quiz you can find out your religion from all over the world.

There's Christianity although, I believe it is more of a cult since you have to follow a set of rules. It's all our own opinion though. So we can do whatever.

Created by: Skullkittehs
  1. What would you like most out of life?
  2. How many Gods do you think created the earth?
  3. How would you spend time showing love and worship for your God(s)?
  4. What makes you feel uncomfortable in religion?
  5. Pick something that you absolutely can't give up!
  6. What would you want most out of your religion?
  7. Choose something out of these that you find ridiculous or dis like the idea of
  8. Are you already in a religion?
  9. Why would you like to know what religion suits you?
  10. What gender do you think your God would have (or your main God, if there's more than one)

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Quiz topic: What should Ir Religion Be?