What US city should you live in?

okay, please be happy with the city your gonna live in. they were mostly all huge cities so sorry if you wanted a small town. i made as many choices as i could so yeah, please. and i hope your satisfied. let me know if your thing is where you live or where you wanna live, or if living in the result i gave you would be hell for you

Know where you wanna live? See if your meant to live their? A few big city choices, to help you determine where you could live, or move to if you currently hate where you live. You never know, might wanna research it, a little bit, but hey just give it a try. take.

Created by: grant
  1. sports teams
  2. political views
  3. rain
  4. house size
  5. best food
  6. weather
  7. hobby
  8. friday night
  9. i wanna
  10. music
  11. my second language is
  12. i wanna live

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Quiz topic: What US city should I live in?