where will you live quiz:)

There are many people that live in exalent houses or dumps. There are shacks dumps mansions castles and houses. How cool is that. This quiz is awsome. Have a great time taking this quiz.

Where will you live? Take this quiz to find out. Hopefully you dont live in a dump and you end up living in castle. Now that would be amazing. Anyway lets see what you will gat this time.

Created by: kayln1998

  1. do you love your life
  2. do you want to have kids
  3. what do you do all day
  4. do you like this quiz
  5. did you go to school
  6. do you take showers
  7. are you smart
  8. do you act like a child
  9. do you love to have fun
  10. am i gay

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Quiz topic: Where will I live quiz:)