Which Sea World orca are you?

Every Sea World orca has his or her very own personality! Just like people, they can be shy, energetic, loving, and cranky. From the moment they are born, trainers notice what that orca may be like in the future.

So if you were an orca at Sea World, who are you most likely to be? Which one would be your best friend? Taking this quiz can help you match you to your orca personality!

Created by: Paula
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  1. Are you large, heavy and strong?
  2. Do you like to fool around?
  3. Are you athletic?
  4. Are you mothering towards children?
  5. Are you a stud?
  6. Are you dominant or passive?
  7. Do you listen well?
  8. Do you like stuffed toys?
  9. Are you naturally calm?
  10. Are you annoying to others?
  11. Are you enthusiastic?
  12. Do you love your trainers?
  13. Are you a good splasher?
  14. Are you curious?
  15. Do you like to stay up really late?
  16. Do you have good balance?
  17. Do you talk a lot?

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Quiz topic: Which Sea World orca am I?