Please read this!

Hi, My name is None of Your Business, as you might already know, and this is dedicated to all of the people that have given me advice in the last quiz I wrote.

I just want to say thanks, and if I can do anything for you, just tell me. And I mean ANYTHING! I can give you advice, read a quiz, and other things too! Just tell me!

Created by: None of your business!
  1. Hey it's me, None of Your Business!
  2. And I just made a quiz called Please Take This!
  3. And I just want to thank everyone who commented to give me advice.
  4. It really means a lot to me, and yes, I know the world is not going to end, I just wanted another reason to tell him my feelings.....
  5. But I'm still not sure if I should or not.
  6. Because I was going to, but I feel like bfaithr has a point, I don't want to make things awkward.
  7. I don't see him that often, but still.....
  8. But I guess I really only made this to thank all of you guys who gave me advice.
  9. It really means a lot to me, even though it may seem weird......
  10. But anyway thanks again! And bye!

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