Incarnate Angels-Part One

Okay, Welcome to Part One of Incarnate Angels! Okay the reason I wrote this is because I am indeed an incarnate angel. O.o weird right? Anyways go on and read the story!

Okay, Welcome to Part One of Incarnate Angels! Okay the reason I wrote this is because I am indeed an incarnate angel. O.o weird right? Anyways go on and read the story! Bye!

Created by: lilfallenangel

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  1. Okay, try adding this to the amount of stress in my life. I just found out I'm the incarnate of one of the most powerful angels...Ever. AND did I mention I'm a child of Nyx? Well, I am. And I'm always being attacked by SOMETHING. So when I told my friends, all hell broke loose.
  2. This all happened about 3 hours ago...
  3. *Time Flash: 11:00 pm* "Guys, I need to tell you something.", I said nervously. "What is it Qui?", asked my best friend, Stephanie. "This doesn't seem very promising...", mumbled Damien. "Well, I've done some soul searching and I figured out I'm the incarnate of the most powerful angel ever." "By soul searching you mean simply looking t up on the internet?", asked Erin. "Exactly.", I said. "Oh my gosh! Qui, that adds one big load of crap in your life.", said Stephanie. "yeah, I think I noticed that." "Oh Qui! What are we going to do?! We all know if something new like that pops up something bad happens.", said Emma panic-like. "Gosh calm down Emma! It's not like all of a sudden, some creature is going to attack me." And low and behold, a bunch of weird looking creatures pop out of nowhere. "Probably shouldn't have said that..."
  4. *Back to reality* I'm not going to bore you with the story of the very short and fairly easy battle. Those things were like twigs...Except for the fact one almost killed me. Key word: ALMOST.
  5. Gosh, it's late...I should probably go to sleep.
  6. *In the dream* "Great, a prophetic dream. Now where the heck am I?" "You are in the spirit realm young one.", said a powerful male voice. When I looked up, I swear I could have passed out. But hey, it's the spirit realm. God was right above me. "You look taller in person.", I said. "Focus, I have called you here for a reason child." "So, I'm NOT dead? Jeesh that would be great right now." This is just what I need...(sarcasm) "As you may know, you are the incarnation of my most powerful angel." "Yeah, I think I covered that. Now why did you call me here?" "I was getting to that, I called you here for training. You will become the most powerful Earth Angel ever." "Wow, I can't even rest when I sleep anymore." "Training during sleep? Father that does not sound right for a child.", said another powerful male voice. "Agreed.", said a strong female voice. And when I looked up again, guess who was there. Jesus and Nyx, my mother. "Mamma? Jesus? My day keeps getting weirder and weirder." Then everything went black. -_- Great. I'm awake. At least I don't have to train today...
  7. "Qui wake up you pile of junk!", said Taylor. "What, what? I'm up okay?" "Bad news." "Oh c'mon really? My life keeps getting better and better." "Wallow in grief later. Erin needs you." "Goddess, what happened?" "I'll tell you on the way to the ER." Did she just say ER? This is NOT how I wanted my first day of knowing I'm an incarnate angel to be.
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