Angels and Demons, Pt. 1.2

Welcome to part 2! To recap: You wake up in a mysterious, war-torn city. After running into a group of people, you find yourself in a tense standoff...

Keep on the lookout, part 3: Grim Reaper is coming soon. Welcome to Delarious. Will you meet the pilot who saved your life, and better yet, will that aviator survive?

Created by: AcesAndDemons

  1. "Great" you think, you cant make a break for it.''A civilian!" booms the man on the left, "Everyone left Delarious weeks ago." "Well" you say, "Im not from here." "Are you a Aneitnan spy?" the one in the middle asks. "What is Aneitha?" you wonder aloud. The one on the right looks around, "Tank, coming down, we must move." he says, "You, follow us, we will take you to safety." They sprint away, and you despretly try to follow.
  2. You follow the group out of the building, being met with green hills. A tall figure wearing a mask is speaking quickly into a radio, you only catch: "Spectre.....Fire Support...... Danger Close.... Three-One-Alph....." You assume it is for a jet, to take out the tank.
  3. To your amazement, the same jet from earlier thunders in. Wrecking the tank. You walk with the others in silence for hours. Until you come upon a camp....
  4. "Welcome to Camp Icarus, set up by ISAF [Independent State Allied Forces] and used as the resistances main base. By the way, my name is Lyn, that is Trevor and Indy" peeling off her mask, reaveling a female face while indicating the two. "Im (your name), what exactly is going on?" "This is Delarious, once an independent state, until Anthina invaded. Anthina is an old district of Erusia, broke away 6 months ago. Savages, they murdered all they found, and the survivors? We are the resistance....
  5. "ISAF set up Icarus as a refugee camp, they want to help, but politics prevent that. 'Internal Affairs' they call it, but they are allowing us to use the base as our HQ. We have an airfield, actually a highway, where our mercinary pilots operate from--" You interrupt her "Pilots?" "Yes, pilots. Look, one pilot is coming in to land." She points to a jet, a futuristic shape, with a familiar paint scheme.
  6. "Spectre" she says "he is our best, veteren of several wars, and yet, he doesnt charge for his services." "I want to meet him." you tell her, "he saved my life, twice." "He saved us all, besides, he only comes down to refuel and rearm." she says. You stare at the bird, and the pilot. Who had now removed his helmet.
  7. He looked young, with short brown hair and piercing silver-blue eyes. He was talking to the ground crew, bottle of water in hand. The insignia on the wing of his aircraft, a Ace of Spades and an Ace of Hearts, a combo that means death and love. Interesting, him and another? Or the death of someone close to him? The arrowhead shape of his plane gleamed in the sunlight. He looked up, and his expression changed.
  8. He was already back in his plane, taking off. As he got airborne, sirens went off, an air raid. Four small figures flew high above the camp, the single spot that was Spectres fighter climbed up to meet them.
  9. You lay down on the grass, mystified at the dance above you. Spectre had broken the formation, and like a nautral preditor, chased his prey across the sky. The pilots darted into a cloud, Spectre being followed by a fighter. Two explosions are heard, and two planes tumble in flames toward the ground. Was Spectre one of them?
  10. Cliffhanger!

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