How much do you trust?

There are trustworthy people and not trustworthy people!!!!!!! If you have trust, then you have confidence....!!!!!! That is really good!!!! Trust!! Confidence!! Optimism!!!! Good stuff.

Do you have trust??!! Can you trust your friend?!?! Can your friends trust you?!? Do you have lots of confidence?! Or a litte?!!? Find out in this quick quiz!!

Created by: Rofegme

  1. Your have to drive to a party in 20 minutes. It takes 35 minutes to get there. Will you come anyway and miss the best part?
  2. You have to prepare a project for a competition. The competition is 5 weeks away, but it takes 2 months for an average person to complete the project.
  3. You have to practice for a play in 2 week, but joined the team 2 weeks late. You are afraid you might mess up the play. Will you continue to do it?
  4. Your drop your bag in the water, but someone has to get it before it sinks. After 30 seconds, you find your friend. Luckily, your friend has his bathing suit on! Should you tell him to get the bag? Or is it too late?
  5. You are asked to fix a machine someone is using for a contest a few days away. You look at it and see that it is badly damaged. Should you fix it?
  6. You are stuck in a cave in the side of a cliff. Your friend drop a rope and tells you to grab on. You look below and see a long way down. Should you grab on to the rope?
  7. You are sinking (and can't swim) in water and sharks lurk everywhere. You friend tosses you a life saver. You see that your friend isn't that strong, but no one else is there. Should you hang on and let him do it?
  8. After reading "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", someone cries "Wolf!". Do you believe him/her?
  9. You see 2 things down the cliff. You hear people yelling for help, but it sounds a bit fake. Should you go down there to see?
  10. Do YOU think you have trust?

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Quiz topic: How much do I trust?