Optimism vs Pessimism

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You may have heard the words optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic before without truly understanding their meaning. Or maybe you know what they mean and are just taking this quiz out of curiosity. Maybe you're just taking this because you're in health class and I'm finally presenting this project and forcing you to take it.

Whatever the reason, now is the time to find out whether you see the bright side, the dark side, or just see things for what they really are. Have fun!

Created by: Evie
  1. Let's say you just failed a big test in your least favorite subject at school. How do you react?
  2. Now you find out it's going to be POURING rain when you're supposed to be going downtown after school. What do you think?
  3. What if you dropped your phone/computer/device and the screen cracks?
  4. Say you just got on to the varsity team of your favorite sport/ got the lead in the school play. What's your reaction?
  5. Now please rate the following based on how accurate you feel they are.
  6. I always try to look on the bright side of a situation.
  7. I always seem to find possible flaws in plans.
  8. I feel that I am generally a friendly person.
  9. I feel that things rarely work in my favor.
  10. You knew it couldn't be avoided, is the glass half empty or half full? :)

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