Percy Jackson life quiz for everyone

If you love Percy Jackson and have dreamed of living in the world this is the perfect quiz for you. You can esme your self in the world by finding out your relationships with the characters from the books and who your godly parent will be how you would fight and what you would fight for

I worked really hard on this and I hope you enjoy it have fun finding out how you would fit into the world I hope you have fun and like all of the questions.

Created by: Cc
  1. What is your gender
  2. What is your weapon of choice
  3. How do you feel about love
  4. What’s your sexual orientation
  5. Who’s your godly pearnt
  6. Which is your favourite pjo book
  7. What’s your favourite hoo book
  8. Magnus chase or Kane chronicles
  9. Which trials of Apollo book is your favourite
  10. Camp Jupiter or camp half blood
  11. Finaly who’s your favourite child of the big three

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