Life without you?

This is a story called: life without you? Its about a girl (you) who has lost her family in a very bad way. SNEAK PEAK: You meet guys that take you in. You can not

Imagen life without them. Until you finds out that all your family died beause (can't tell) and you find a a item that if evil got their hands on it the world might end for real!

Created by: Do I know you

  1. This is my first quiz ever!!! So I hope you like it and Plz comment. As I said it's my first so don't just says it really bad just give help in comments Plz
  2. Your walking to school alone. You have been at the school since year 7 your in year 12. It is 3 months until school ends. You are very pretty but had a very bad love life. All the boyfriends you have had cheated on you for someone else or they were mean to you so you broke up with them. You not very good at finding love. You said after you broke up with your last boyfriend "I am never dating again!!!" But as the school comes in sight you stop daydreaming. "HEY!!" Your best friend Jake yells as he runs after you. When he gets to you he walks. Jake has Blond hair and light blue eyes. "Hey, what's up?" you ask him. "Nothing" he smiled. (Jake has no girlfriend) "Dose that mean the word is going to end?" you ask him. His smile disappeared "Stop saying that!"he tells you. You two turn up at school and go diffrent ways. You head to the office
  3. You see a guy with black hair. He turns to you he has brown warm eyes. He bumped into you. "sorry" he said. He walked out the door. "So why did you want to see me?" you ask the office lady. "Oh dear. I have bad new. But i think your mum is going to tell you she is comeing to pick you up" you stare at her you just had got to school. So you nod and go to get your bag. On the way you see that guy you met in the office he was standing by your locker. "Sorry I have to get my bag" you tell him. He moves and says "sorry" again. "it's fine. What's your name?" you ask him. But then Jake walkes over
  4. "you going?" Jake asked. You nod and walk away. Jake was a good friend but you just didn't have time for him right now. You turn around and see Jake looking after you and Mystery guy was gone!!
  5. You walk into you mum "Sorry" you say to her. But she looked like she had been crying. She grabbed your hand you pulled you out of the car. "Honey, you know you only had mom and dad left. Since the rest of the family has died" she said staring the car. you nod and say "Yes" your mum cryed "your dad just died" she cryed. You bust into tears too. Then you see a truck comeing to the car "MUM LOOK OUT" you scream. The car spins and your mum screamed too. The car door flew open and you fall out it.
  6. You fall onto the rode on youre butt. You mums Screames fill you head as you look for her. You hear sirens and see the car with your mums lifeless body hanging out of it. The pain shocks though you as you cry. You feel someone pick you up and say "your going to ok. Just sleep" you
  7. Nod. You fall asleep in the guys arms.
  8. Thanks for takeing the quiz!!! PLEASE COME BACK FOR MORE!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for takeing the quiz!!! PLEASE COME BACK FOR MORE!!!!!!!!
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