What TV Sitcom is most like your life?

Do you ever wonder what TV Sitcom your life is like? If so, then this quiz is for you. It will dig deep into your personality and decipher which of the greatest TV Sitcoms represents your life.

Until now you could only guess what TV Sitcom best represented your life. But now you will the truth. Hurry up and proceed to the quiz, but be sure to make sure you read and answer all questions truthfully!

Created by: Rob
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  1. It is a Saturday night and you have no plans. What are you most likely to do...
  2. Of the following, which interests you most?
  3. What best describes your living arrangements?
  4. Which of the following best describes your job?
  5. Of the following, which describes your group of friends the best?
  6. My favorite beverage...
  7. Which best describes the city or town you live in?
  8. Who do you confide your deepest secrets to?
  9. Which of the following words do you use most frequently?
  10. Of the following words, which is your favorite?
  11. Which of the following occupies the most of your time?

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Quiz topic: What TV Sitcom is most like my life?