Where Do They Live? Sitcom Quiz

Are you ready to take the Where Did They Live? Television Sitcom challenge? This quiz will test you on your knowledge of television sitcoms of the last three decades. Do you know where your favorite characters lived and worked?

Some of the questions are easy, and some are a challenge. A true sitcom fan will know most of the answers. Try your best and see how many you get right. Good luck!

Created by: James
  1. Where did the Golden Girls live?
  2. Where did the Bunkers on All in the Family live?
  3. Where did the characters of Cheers live?
  4. Where did Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer live?
  5. Where did Tony and Angela of Who's the Boss live?
  6. Where did Larry and Balki of Perfect Strangers live?
  7. Where did the Tanner family of Full House live?
  8. Where did Al, Wilson and the Taylor family of Home Improvement live?
  9. Where did the Keaton family of Family Ties live?
  10. Where did Mr. Belvedere and the Owens family live?
  11. Where did Frasier Crane live once he got his own show?
  12. Where was Hangin' With Mr. Cooper based?
  13. What state did Coach take place in?
  14. Where did Doogie Howser, M.D. practice medicine?
  15. The Hogan Family lived in a suburb of what city?
  16. Judge Harry Stone presided over Night Court in which city?
  17. Fonzie and the gang from Happy Days lived where?
  18. Where did Silver Spoons take place?
  19. Where did Jack, Chrissy and Janet of Three's Company live?
  20. Where did Harry Weston and his two daughters on Empty Nest live?
  21. What state did Roseanne and the Conner family live in?
  22. Paul and Jamie of Mad About You lived in which city?
  23. Where did Murphy Brown live and work?
  24. Where did the Barones of Everybody Loves Raymond live?
  25. Where did the Bundy family on Married With Children live?
  26. Where did Cory Matthews of Boy Meets World live?
  27. What state was Drexell's Class starring Dabney Coleman set in?
  28. Where did the characters on The Facts of Life live?

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