How Well Do You Know the 80's show "Three's Company"?

You gotta agree. There were so many great shows on TV during the 80's. But what can top Three's a Company? That show was so funny. Take this quiz and see how well you know the show. Who can't stop laughing when Jack lets out his high-pitched falsetto when he stubs his toe or when somebody grabs his shirt along with his chest hair?

Do you really know Three's a Company? Do you know Jack, Teri, and Chrissie? Well . . . Take this quiz and see how wise you are when it comes to this funny sitcom. It'll be fun. I guarantee!

Created by: Matthew
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  1. Janet and Chrissie had a female roommate before Jack Tripper.
  2. Jack was studying to become a/n . .
  3. Who is Jack's favorite friend?
  4. "Chrissie" is short for . . .
  5. Who was the first landlord in Three's a Company?
  6. There was an episode where Jack was entered into a pie contest. After he perfected his pie, he left it in the fridge while getting ready for the contest. Who ate the pie, thinking that that pie was not going to be the pie entered into the contest?
  7. Janet's job was nurse.
  8. Chrissie's job was florist.
  9. Jack and Larry were "players" when it came to women.
  10. What was Mr. Firley's first name?
  11. In the very first episode of Three's a Company, Chrissie and Janet threw a party. Jack went to this party. Chrissie and Janet found Jack the following morning . . . Where?
  12. There was one episode where Jack got drunk with his old military buddies. They got him a tattoo. He regretted having it when he woke up the next morning. What was the tattoo?
  13. What is Jack's favorite type of food? (hint: this question might help you to answer another question on this quiz)
  14. When Jack was in the military, he participated in a sport. Which?
  15. The landlords in Three's a Company allowed Jack to room with two other woman because Jack told them he was gay.
  16. What was Mrs. Roper's first name?
  17. Mr. Firley was married.

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