Space Program 6

Eclipsa: Yeah? Elisa: Now’s your time to learn to control the ship. Eclipsa: but I wanna fight. Elisa: We’re under staffed. We’ll need your help. Lacey: You’ll be fine. Just follow my lead. Eclipsa: Ok. (Takes a seat at the controls) Elisa: Edi, prep Sean and Correl for battle. You should too. Edilson: Who are we fighting? Elisa: Centurians. Edilson: Got it. What’s the ETA. Elisa: This ship’s fast, but we can’t get to America without passing through Uiropa or Oceania. We’re going to have to circle the arctic. It’s the safest way. Edilson: So ETA is? Elisa: two hours. Edilson: Two hours?! The fight might be done by then! Eclipsa: We could make it in 45 minutes if we drop the ship into earth at a pitched angle, then hit our boosters at the troposphere and plow in a straight line to the Gallagher. Lacey: You’re absolutely right. Pitched 10 degrees low and ascend on a scale line of 15 from earth. Edilson: It’s our best chance. And we go right under Uiropa.

Jonathan: More than ever, we all need to take a stand. We all need to work together and fight for the right cause. It’s going to get more difficult from here on out, but now I know, those are our brothers and sisters on the other side that we’re fighting. And we need to turn all of this around and work together to take the enemy down. And we can’t half ass this. Otherwise we could lose ourselves. This may be just a broad assumption, but I believe now that the Advocates of Redemption were pawns of that trinity of evil. They want to drop the colonies to rid of all the Numens. This war between Centurians and GDU is to kill off Project Starchild. We can’t let that happen, guys! We have to work as a team and take them down! Lawrence: I’m with ya man. Nathan: So am I, brother.

Created by: Rodrigo
  1. What group does the story of SP6 surround?
  2. What is the name of Jacob's main rival?
  3. Why does Phillip initially ignore and reject Jonathan upon his acceptance as part of GDU?
  4. What is Jonathan and Nathan's relation?
  5. On the subject of the Jones brothers, When Jonathan reveals he is in fact related to Jason and Nathan, he reveals to them their real last name. What is it?
  6. Who leads Galaxy Defense Unit?
  7. So far, Jacob Contender has piloted two different AMWs. What are their names?
  8. What is Dana's Star Sign and her Star Child ability?
  9. During Season 2 of SP6, Lawrence and Ray fought in a church of the abandoned wing in what colony? (Hint: This is where Attuyama came in and killed Ray)
  10. Ronan Bassport (Saturn) made his first appearance piloting what machine?
  11. Tean and Nathan are...
  12. Marlene left the Centurian Elite to help lead her own unit in what private organization?
  13. Who is the third mind (other than Dillon and Attuyama) behind the scheme to conquer Earth and Space?
  14. The FalconDive was developed by Dale Bloomberg in order to combat the potential use of the Outcast, which is also known as:
  15. Elisa Vase hijacks which Battleship from the Centurian Police to fly to Elindez?
  16. What are the only two Space Nations to not fall under Centurian Rule?
  17. How did Nathan defeat George Lincoln of the AoR?
  18. What is Marlene's reason for disliking Jacob?
  19. Gerardo D'Prince has played what: A double agent or a triple agent?
  20. What was the original plan of Project Star Child?

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