What's Your Relationship Style?

Let's admit it, we've all been in a relationship at SOME point in our lives, right? Well have you ever wondered how you actually feel about being in a relationship? This quiz is designed to determine if you actually enjoy being "tied down", or if you are more of a loner! You probably have already determined it inside your own head, but let's just test you to see if that's how you REALLY feel!

Are you a lover, loner or a hater when it comes to relationships? Well if you aren't exactly sure this quiz will happily reveal the answer! Don't be afraid to find out you are really a hopeless romantic rather than the hardball you pretend to be! Take a chance with yourself and see how you really feel.

Created by: luminoustorm
  1. 1. You are with your friends having drinks at a bar when suddenly a very attractive person catches your eye. They have been staring at you for about 10 minutes when you notice them begin to head your way. Do you:
  2. 2. Ok, so you've been seeing your partner for about 3 weeks when they suddenly drop the 'L-Bomb'! What happens next?
  3. 3. Your devoted love interest goes out and buys you a necklace for no real reason and gives it to you unexpectedly in front of your best friend. What is your first reaction:
  4. You've been single for about 3 moths and decide to have a night out with your best buds. Suddenly as you are about to head out of the door, your ex calls and tells you they want you back in their life. How do you respond?
  5. You are cleaning out your closet, a project you've managed to put off for years! While rummaging through your old stuff you find a shoebox containing some old memorabilia of you and your ex from a while back. While flipping though the old photos, you recall some fond memories. What do you go next with this?
  6. You are sitting home alone, nothing good to watch on TV, no new books to read-- Suddenly you start to feel a little lonely. What do you do to make yourself feel better:
  7. Your best friend calls you crying their eyes out! Eventually you are able to make out that their heart has just been broken. How do you cheer up your friend:
  8. You'Ve been in your current relationship for the past 7 months and things seem to be going pretty good. Your love interest invites you out for dinner to share some 'Big news'. Apparently they have been accepted.
  9. New person has decided to get you a puppy! What does this mean to you:
  10. Ok, ok, so you've been seeing your current squeeze for almost 2 years! Somehow you still can't imagine how quickly the time has passed-- While out to dinner one night they start to get down on one.

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