Relationship Evaluation Test

This is a quiz that will evaluate how healthy your relationship is with your partner, as well as past partners. It can also help you improve your relationship or future relationships with anyone else.

Please note that this quiz can also help you become aware of the things you may need to improve within yourself and your opinions towards a relationship. This quiz is only meant to help people lead a happier life with their selves and others. Are you curious to see how healthy your relationship is? Do you want to make it a better one? Take this quiz and it can open your eyes or assure your love.

Created by: Trevor
  1. Do/Did you evaluate the potential partner as you would a friend?
  2. Do/Did you know your partner's beliefs about relationships?
  3. Could you have confused sex with love?
  4. Did/Do you express needs and speak up for them clearly?
  5. Do/Did you view yourselves as a team?
  6. Do/Did you respect and manage differences?
  7. Do/Did you talk and explore, and not assume? (If you don't understand or like something your partner is doing, do you ask about it and why he or she is doing it?)
  8. Do/Did you solve problems as they arise?
  9. Do/Did you negotiate?
  10. Do/Did you listen, truly listen, to your partner's concerns and complaints without judgment?
  11. Do/Did you work hard at maintaining closeness?
  12. Do/Did you both take a long-range view and share it together? (marriage, kids, house)
  13. Do/Did you stay well groomed?
  14. Do/Did you have pillow talk after sex?
  15. Do/Did either of you ever go to sleep angry?
  16. Do/Did you apologize after being at fault and make the necessary actions?
  17. How much dependency do/did you have?
  18. How much self-respect and self-esteem do you have?
  19. Do/Did you bring new interests into the relationship?
  20. Do/Did you share responsibilities?
  21. Do/Did you stay open to spontaneity?
  22. Do/Did you maintain your energy and stay healthy?
  23. Do you recognize that all relationships have ups and downs and do not ride at a continuous high all the time?
  24. Do/Did you make good sense of a bad relationship by examining it as a reflection of your beliefs about yourself?
  25. Do you think that love is not an absolute, not a limited commodity that you're in of or out of?

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