What do you wanna be when you grow up??

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Thread Topic: What do you wanna be when you grow up??

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    Anastasia Senior
    No it's not. Life is hard, and I've been through depression and suicidal thoughts, and it's not worth it.
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    takos_rule Novice
    So far my life is
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    Wooden Bridge Junior

    If that doesn't work then,
    an Art Teacher

    and people:
    God gave you a life, so LIVE it instead of ruining it yourself!
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    Wooden Bridge Junior
    Nobody's life is perfect, so Suicide is NOT going to make it any better.
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    takos_rule Novice
    its only two people not every single person
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    Moyashi Experienced
    Hold nothing. Live the life that is given to you.
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    DragonKitty Junior
    Well, I can't decide whether to be an actor, a director or some super smart outer space person. I KNOW that either way I'm being a author.

    If none of my science or movie jobs work out, I'll either be a teacher or an editor
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    name Junior

    Plan B - THERE IS NONE! PLAN A MUST i repeat MUST work.
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    Artist and singer so far are my dreams

    if not, art teacher and CHOIR DIRECTOR BABY XD
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    Nikki_Knox Experienced
    A lawyer, since I was 6.

    My back up plan:

    Professor (University Level)
    English Teacher

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    RemysFault Novice
    Nikki: I like chur mind XD

    I wanna be a photographer (as I said) and travel the world to Italy, Mexico, Europe, Whales, the UK, Spain, ect, ect! Buh, then I wont have time to have a family, so Im conflicted.. :/
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    Nikki_Knox Experienced
    Thanks, RemRem. I wanna travel the world...

    THe thing is I REALLY wanty a family some day, and the jobs I have in mind might conflict with work...

    DILEMMA ;)
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    Sisi Junior
    What I really want to be:
    #1: Marine biologist
    #2: Ecologist
    #3: Veterinarian

    I really want to do something that helps animals. Helping sea life is my dream because of the rising acidification in ocean waters, I want to help stop it and help other people become aware. If I can't do that then I'll do something smaller, like a veterinarian, if not any of that....

    A dancer, designer, or wild-life photographer.

    Either way, I want to become famous in everything I do. I want to make a change.
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    tazia101 Novice
    1. Author (This goes with any thing)

    2. Teacher

    3. Lawyer

    4. Director
  • EttaMalfoy Novice
    A. Singer/Actress/Dancer
    B. Author/Journalist
    C. Criminal investigator, probably like a criminal profiler or behavoural analysist

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