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Thread Topic: Bucket List

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    sapphiretwirl Experienced
    ride every roller coaster in Hershey Park

    become chemistry teacher

    ill add more when i come up with them
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    Selena112 Experienced
    Publish books as an fiction author.
    Meet Adam Young.
    Marry someone I fall in love with and stay with them for my life.
    Have three/four kids with that person.

    I'll think of more later.
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    Moyashi Experienced
    Meet bands ViViD and The GazettE.
    Become as good as a guitarist as jrockers.
    Form at least one band.
    Become a doctor.
    Marry Japanese man. (hopefully I find a pretty one that isn't gay >~>)
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    harpusrox7 Junior
  • EttaMalfoy Novice
    See 1000 different musicals before I die
    Meet Tom Felton
    Get married to someone I love more than life
    Publish a book
    Get on Broadway
    Get a lead in a musical
    Be Christine in the Phantom of the Opera
    Meet Green Day
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    sapphiretwirl Experienced
    have kids

    donate one blood

    meet Eminem

    travel to a different country

    get some guinea pigs
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    name Junior
    @EttaMalfoy - Awesome! POTO is the best. :)


    Meet Alex Gardner
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    Phoenix Night Novice
    travel around the world
    meet Adam Lambert
    fall in love with a guy and get married
    Become professional singer by age 15
    Travel back in time to Italy in the Renaissance
    Meet all my friends and loved ones in the afterlife
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    Phoenix Night Novice
    and go to college at Julliard in new york
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    takos_rule Novice
    go sky diving
    travel to a different country
    have a farm
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    Appayipyip42 Experienced
    Get on that damn rollercoaster ("damn rollercoaster" is what I call any rollercoaster that goes upside down multiple times. I want to do this before I'm 16 because that's when my sister first rode one and I want to break that record.)

    Go to a live opera

    Actually be able to keep a lizard for more than one week

    Learn Greek

    Other than that I'm not really sure.
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    musicgirl Experienced
    Date a bassist
    Date a guy with GREEN eyes
    Go skydiving
    Go hang gliding
    Play a sport in high school
    Help someone cross something off their BL
    Be a good person

    ~There's some I've already done, but they're kinda boring.
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    DragonKitty Junior
    Publish all my book ideas
    Meet Christopher Paolini
    Have my books be described as 'epic' and be as highly revered as LOTR and HP
    Create Eragon the movie (improved) and maybe act as Arya
    Become an elf (I know I know)
    Attend a fantasy convention
    Attend a sci fi convention
    LARP with a large group

    More to come!!
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    barberbob2 Experienced
    Get Married
    Have children
    Be able to support my family
    Convert 10 people to Athiesm
    Meet my GTQ Family
    Have a Filking session with my GTQ Family

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