My Dark Passion 1

This is a quiz about four guys who you meet in highschool to find out more take the quiz. this is my first quiz. Please rate and comment. Thank you!!!


Created by: DeadlySummer

  1. Ok your name is Juliet and ! means insert the name of the boy you want. i hope you enjoy my first quiz.
  2. It's your first day at your new school west Valley prep. your walking to your first class and you bump into someone and all of your stuff goes everywhere. You look up into sparkling deep green eyes. "oops my bad" says the boy, "by the way my names Chris. he has short brown hair and a tan. he smiles at you and you smile back flirting.
  3. He bends down and picks up your stuff for you. he hands it to you and you smile and say "thanks" and turn to walk away. he grabs your arm and pulls out a pen and scribbles his number down on your hand. "hey you should call me sometime" He said. "ok" you say pulling your hand away and walking away cooly.
  4. "aww crap you say relizing you had your school map upside down. you slap you forehead. "um are you ok"? ask a quiet voice. you turn around and see a boy with black hair and Blue eyes. "umm...yes can you show where ms.weasely"s class is"?you ask. "um that's one of my friends first period it's down the hall and to the left. "ok thanks" you said and starting walking in the opposite direction."oh by the way the names Danny" he called after you.
  5. You walk into your first period class. you look around there are only two other boys in the room. one of them has brown skater hair and purple eyes. he is sitting by Danny.except Danny changed his cloths."Hey Danny" you say walking towards him. They look at each other and then at you then bust out laughing. "Hey pretty mama, nice to see you to but im not Danny" The boy laughs "I'm his twin, Mason". "oh that explains the different eyes coulor" you say embarresed.
  6. so you smile and sit down next to them. for some reason andys making weird faces and hes looking at you but in his eyes hes somewhere else. final mason breaks the silence and say "so you met my bro, huh? well just to let you know i was born first so im older" he brags. "oh thats cool" you say not really paying attention "I dont have any sibling" you finish. all oh a sudden andys back on planet earth and he elbows mason in the ribs. "oww hey what was tha...." andy grabbed his arm and pulled him outta the class room. you sit there silent just think when the boys walk back into the room. "are you sure" you hear mason mumble. "yep i'm sure" andy mumbles back.
  7. after school your walking home your all alone. your walking down the side walk and someone tackles you and stabbes a needle in your arm. you feel yourself go numb and get very sleepy. all of a sudden you see blurry figures jump on the person on you then it all fades to black.
  8. you slowly and painfully drift into the waking world. you feel tired and beaten. you feel someone stroking you hair and you head is in someones lap. you look up but every thing is still blurry. "uhh" you moan. "guys i think shes away" you here someone say. all of a sudden you feel someone with strong arms pull you up in sitting position. you rub your eys and everything comes into foucus. your sitting on a bed with black sheets gray walls and a white mural of a skeleton on the wall. you look behind you and masons sitting there smiling. "hey sleeping beauty i thought you'd never wake up" he said giving you a warm hug. you turn back around and Dannys passed out on a bench. you giggle because his mouth is open and hes drooling. chris is sitting against the wall looking very tired and andy is sitting right beside you. "how long was i asleep" you asked. "about 48 hours" mason repiled. "oh god and yall stayed up the whole time" you asked. "nah we took shifts" he answered. "sir drools alot over there just got done" he laughed pointing at danny.
  9. you try o get up but you fall and andy catches you and sets you down on the bed. Mason then gets up grabbes a magazine and rolls it up and said "wake up bro" and smacks danny on the head. Danny jumps and falls on the floor you giggle. he gets up and cames to you and wraps his arms around you. "oh im so glad your ok" he says rocking you back and forth. you started to feel sleepy and layed back down. "hey guys yall go get some rest i'll watch her" Says andy. then the rest of them leave giving you hugs and kisses on the fore head as they left. you layed down and andy wrapped his arms around you and you fell asleep right there in his arms
  10. You jerked awake all of a sudden. It was very hot you felt like you were one fire. You touch andys arm and opened your mouth to cry out in agonizing pain. Befor you could even make the smallest noise someone covered your mouth.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! MWAHAHA please comment if i get good ratings i'll make a part two
  12. who do you like?

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