A Summer Romance (Part 2)

Alright,so if you didnt do the last quiz,then your probably lost.And you dont know what happend to you.So it would be a good idea to take the last one.

Look's & Personality's: -Jacob: Light brown eyes;short spiky dark brown hair;has a good shape of lips;He's a really fast runner and and a really sweet guy who will make you smile. -Chris: Dirty blonde hair thats side swept;blue eyes;and has a really cute crooked smile.His passion is skate boarding and you can always depend on him. -Ramiro: Short black hair that is usually spiked at the front;has dark brown eyes nd big kissable lips.He's really good at base-ball,and he can usually be a jerk but he knows when hes gone to far. -Anthony: Dark brown hair thats curly;He has dark green eyes and cute freckles.Hes shy most of the time but girls always fall for him.He loves to play soccer when he has the time.

Created by: Daniela
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  1. "Mmm?"You say,your vision a bit blurry."Hello?_____,you okay?"Ramiro stares at you with a worried look.You try to talk,but it doesnt work;you mumble something and then you try to sit up."Woah,lay down I dnt think thats the best thing to do right now."Ramiro says laying you down.
  2. He lays you down softly and then lightly kisses you on the lips.Then you feel him get off the couch and hear the door close.You dont move for a while,and then try to get up.You stand and wait for your vision to focus.Once you get it,you start moving your leg forward to walk and then fall flat on you face.
  3. All the boys come running in the room.You roll over then Anthony and Chris comes to help you up."Are you okay?"Chris asks,"What happend?"You clear your throat. "I fell....down." "No crap,but how?Did you roll or what?"Ramiro asks. "I wanted to walk.."You say."Well thats..."Ramiro gets cut off by Jacob"OKAY RAMIRO!,_____ if you wanted to walk you shoulda called one of us." "But I couldnt talk."You say.
  4. "Your talking right now..."Anthony said. "But I couldnt before."You say. "Well try to walk now." You move one leg,then the other,you stumble,but then you start to walk normal again.
  5. You turn to the boys and say"What am i doing here?" Chris steps forward and holds your hand"____,your mom is evil." "EXCUSE YOU!"you jerk your hands out of his."No shes not!" "Your real mom isnt but the one you came to the city with is." Jacob says. "I only have one mom,and she isnt evil."
  6. "We know that"Jacob says."Then what the freak are you guys talkin about?!"You scream. "Look_____"Ramiro says while holding two pictures. "Why do you have pictures of my mother?" "Do you notice anything differnt about them?"Ramiro asks. "You observe them closely"Well..The hair lips and skin color are different."you say"so you guys did something to them or what?
  7. "No we didnt do anything to these."Anthony said"This ones darker cuz she's the evil one" "So the one on the right is my real mom?"you ask. "Yup"Chris says. You burst out laughing and the boys look at eachother and then you."Uhm..Whats so funny?"Ramiro asks"Dont believe us??Left mom isnt your mom she's a evil lying b----!"
  8. "HEY!" "Okay okay!calm down!Ramiro to far!_____ calm yourself."Chris says "What he ment to say was your real mom is dead,and left mom was suppost to be your new mom.She can change herself into anyone she wants.But she wants to kill you. "Kill me?Why?"you ask. "Because your mom was a very successful woman,she had everything a husband,money,a beautiful daughter...and she wanted all of it.so she killed them."
  9. "...She killed them?"you manage to squeek out trying to stop your sobs."Well fake moms name is Irene...shes kinda like a..a medusa witch thing i guess.Hey you okay?" You start crying since the one person you loved the most turned out to be a complete stranger.And was really some creepy lady.
  10. Anthony comes to hug you.You hold on to him and dont let go,his shirt gets covered with tears but he doesnt mind. "It's okay Love" he whispers in your ear.
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