Knowing your Bonds: are you 007 or a triple zero?

There are many people who like to watch a Bond movie every now and then, but rare are those who grew to love the series. Some Bonds can be dull and cliched, other can offer much more than that.

Are you a a James Bond connoisseur? If you are, you'll skip this boring intro text and start proving your worth. If you're still reading this, let me enlighten you with a timeless wisdom: There is no spoon.

Created by: Des Esseintes
  1. Rooger Moore stars in how many Bond movies?
  2. Name the only movie where we see Bond's office.
  3. Apart from Bond getting married, what is particularly unusual about On Her Majesty's Secret Service?
  4. What is Bond's family motto?
  5. Which of these henchmen doesn't get killed?
  6. What does Q stand for?
  7. What is Q's name?
  8. What is Jaws' only line?
  9. Which artist/group get on Bond's nerves?
  10. In which book does Bond seemingly die, (only to be brought back to life in the following one)?
  11. Which 00 agent was Alec Trevelyan?
  12. What instrument does Kara (from the Living Daylights) play?
  13. Which of these actresses plays Bond girl twice?
  14. Never Say Never Again is the remake of...?
  15. Who is the only vocalist to appear during the opening titles sequence of the 007 movies?
  16. Which villain wears an eyepatch?
  17. Which of these is the oldest?
  18. Who says that she has read the encyclopaedia up to the letter T?
  19. Who of the following is not homosexual?
  20. What is Gogol's first name?

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Quiz topic: Knowing my Bonds: am I 007 or a triple zero?