A Doctor Who Love Story Part 7

~Don't blink. I said don't blink. Just look directly at 'em and they'll stay where they are. I think they're crying anyways, they can't mean no harm. My eyes are watering, I'm right on the brink! I'm sure nothing would happen, if I were to...~

Will you get the man (or alien) of your dreams? Or will you get lost to the currents of time? Take "A Doctor Who Love Story Part 6" to find out which character you were meant to be with!

Created by: Bookworm123

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  1. You can tell whoever kidnapped you is getting impatient. They continually bang their fists on the table and break things, although you can't see anything through the blindfold. Every once in a while you feel a sharp, stoney something run across your neck. A knife, maybe? Whatever it is, whoever is holding it might just send it right through your heart if things don't go their way. A sharp pain hits your chest and you moan. It isn't a heart attack; wrong side. It is almost like something is growing... An icy, rough hand touches the right side of your chest. If you weren't gagged you would call them a perv, but he is obviously trying to see what is wrong. Another pain hits you, but this time it hurts just a bit more. Another pain, and another pain, and suddenly, they hurt a bit less. Now they have the frequency of... "A heartbeat," you mutter. You just grew a second heart! The thought is dizzying. Wait, you really are dizzy. REALLY dizzy. You can almost feel your brain going numb. The little specks of light shining through your blindfold fade as you slip into unconsciousness...
  2. When you wake up, the sound of a pencil scratching on paper meets your even keener ears. In fact, you can even make out what your captors are saying. "-a Time Lord, we should just eat her now." "We need to wait for the TARDIS, then we can break our promise." "But we haven't eaten in months, what should we do?" "Decide later. Our guest has awakened." You feel the all so familiar stone knife stroke your neck. Out of nowhere, a thought hits you. What if its a claw? The Doctor's voice fills your head, although its clearer than it was when you were last captured. "____!" he yells with glee. "You're alive! So they haven't stolen your vocal chords then!" Your hearts begin to race. "Doctor, they say they want to eat me. What the heck is going on?!" He chuckles. "They mean your Time Energy, not you. Don't worry,we'll get you out of there. I have a brilliant plan! Erm, Jack is yelling at me to get back to work. I'll stay in touch! Oh, and if you happen to look at them, don't-" he cuts off. The sudden feeling of abandonment informs you that he has stopped talking to you. Don't what?
  3. "Hey, I'm back. Miss me?" Oh good, the Doctor is back. "Where were you?" you yell mentally. "Putting the finishing touches on our rescue mission. We're on our way right now!" You feel the corners of your mouth turn up a little. Suddenly, you can hear Jack, Alex, Sam, and the Doctor. All of them were saying just about the same thing. "This better work." Why don't these imbeciles hear them? They are making quite a racket. The sound of the TARDIS drowns out all other noises and lifts your spirits. The kidnappers are making quite a commotion. You feel the stone cold hand of your captor grip you firmly. Then a gust of wind lifts you into the air and you feel the ropes binding you fall off. Just before you crash land, you hear someone yelling. "____!"
  4. Everything feels rather cramped. Almost like how it would feel to ride for hours, even days, in the same position in a car. At random, a bright light nearly blinds you. A silhouette stretches out their hand to help you up. "Are you all right, ____? Traveling via angel touch is never comfortable." You grimace. The light is less blinding, but still difficult to see in. You squint and are barely able to make out the outline of the man's messy hair. "Fine, thanks. Who are you?" you ask. "I'm the Doctor," he says. "And this is Martha Jones. Welcome to 1969." Now you can see clearly. In front of you is the Doctor, exactly the same as you left him, and some girl (probably Martha). She looks from you to the Doctor and back to you. "Wait, you two know each other?" she asks. "Yeah, I'm his companion," you say. Martha frowns. "Actually, I'm his companion." You both look at the Doctor. He smiles sheepishly. "Obviously, ____ is from the future because she hasn't traveled with me yet. Time isn't linear, it's a big thing of mumbo jumbo -" "Ball of wibbley wobbley timey wimey stuff, I know. You told me that, remember?" Martha interupts.
  5. You decide not to disturb them, since this is obviously an important conversation. "What happened to me? Why is it she doesn't even know my name?" Martha whispers. "Well, I don't know. What if YOU left ME, ever think about that?" the Doctor retaliates. Martha chuckles. "Like that'll ever happen. But why didn't you tell her about me?" You suddenly remember a conversation you had with the Doctor a while back. "See that girl? That's my granddaughter Susan. And that there? That's Rose Tyler. Oh, and that over there is Martha Jones. Second best companion yet, not counting you. But she left me to live a normal life." "Erm," you say, not wanting to butt into the conversation. "The Doctor actually did mention you." Martha raises her eyebrows. "What did he say?" The Doctor steps in front of you. "Wibbley wobbley, remember? It probably concerns your future, so she shouldn't tell you." And the Doctor saves the day again!
  6. (Sam's P.O.V.) I watched as ____ disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke. Several of the monsters that had haunted my nightmares all stood before me. The Weeping Angels had eaten her time energy. Well, it COULD have been worse. Oh wait, it couldn't. We had a TARDIS in disrepair, a lost girl in who knows what time period, and a big, fat bill at the local hardware store that we couldn't pay because the Doctor lost his 21st century Earth money. AND the Angels wanted us dead. We were in quite a pickle...
  7. (Alex's P.O.V.) ____ vanished in a giant cloud of blue foggy smokey stuff. I didn't really get why everyone wanted me there, but it was too late to save ____. She was gone, according to the Doctor, to a time and place in who knows where. None of this made sense to me, but it seemed to make sense to the Doctor. He couldn't hold in his laughter, although none of us knew why. Nothing about our situation was funny...
  8. (Jack's P.O.V.) ____ vanished as the Angels fed on her time energy. If what the Doc said was true, then she was in 1969. It was beyond me though how we would save her if we didn't have a TARDIS...
  9. (Present Doctor's P.O.V.) I started chuckling the second ____ vanished. The Angels had fallen for the bait! I kept everyone in the dark, but I knew how this would go down: ____ would meet past me, hitch a ride, and "miraculously" appear here. All I was worried about was what she would say to Martha and me. She was in our future at that time, and she could mess up big time if she didn't watch out. At least the Angels had fallen for our trap. They got a fake TARDIS while we got both the real TARDIS and ____! Honestly, Angels' stupidity amazed me every time.
  10. Hiya! Sorry this wasn't much, I wrote some of this on the weekend which is my writing vacation, so it isn't my best work ever. Thank you Calypso1315 and RinRin, you two are my only two readers at the moment. And thank you for everyone without an account who reads this... So, you know the drill, "DFTBA"!

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