Miscellaneous Knowlegde

This quiz is to test your knowledge of the most RANDOM things. This quiz was inspired by Kish, who said that the best quizzes come from things you're actually interested in. =)

Do you think you know this kind of stuff? Michael Jackson, colors, basketball? Some of my favorite things. Do you think you know some of this as well as I do? ... Probably...

Created by: musicgirl

  1. What's the most common favorite color?
  2. How many of Michael Jackon's albums went platinum?
  3. Which gender is more likely to cheat on their partner, if given the chance to get away with no consequences?
  4. What's the smallest breed of dog?
  5. How many questions can a quiz on GTQ have?
  6. What's the name of the Miami NBA team?
  7. Who was the 21st president?
  8. In the following algebraic equation, X equals... (3X+16)2=78
  9. Which actor/actress from the TV show "Modern Family" is from Portland, Oregon?
  10. Is midnight considered AM or PM?

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