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This quiz is a bunch of mixture infromation that is all over the place. Between the past and present. Only the true NBA fans will know these answers. This a very tough quiz to test your knowledge on how much you know your NBA

Do you have the NBA'ness in you? Are you ready for this very difficult quiz that will stump you? In just a few minutes, you will finally see how much you know youre NBA

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  1. Who is the only player in NBA history to accumulate 20,000+ points in his career, while averaging fewer than 15.0 ppg?
  2. Who was the second pick overall in the 1986 NBA draft?
  3. Which center is in the top ten for career steals.
  4. Who was the first ever to come into the NBA or the ABA right out of high school
  5. This NBA great who never won a championship, although he played for a team which won a championship the same year he was traded, and has one leg which is 3 inches or so shorter than the other one.
  6. What team was Michael Finley drafted to?
  7. Back in 1993 the Dallas Mavericks had the 'Triple J's' who where these three players?
  8. How many original Air Jordan shoes were there?
  9. What team was Tyrone 'Muggsy' Bogues drafted to?
  10. Tim Duncan led the NBA in double doubles in 1997-98 with how many?
  11. What two players from Georgetown wore number 33?
  12. How many NCAA Final Fours did Jordan appear in at North Carolina?
  13. Charles Barkley was cut from his varsity high school team twice, what years were these?
  14. Which of these positions has Magic Johnson NOT played?
  15. How many seasons did Michael Jordan play with the Bulls before coming out of retirement to the Wizards?
  16. In Jason Kidd's first 3 years with the Mavericks, what was the move most people associated him with?
  17. How many NBA finals did Shaq play with the Orlando Magic?
  18. In the 2002 playoffs, the Jazz made their ______th consecutive appearance in the playoffs.
  19. Technical foul king Rasheed Wallace began his career with which team?
  20. Who was not selected for the 1992 Dream Team?

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