How Livewireish are you?

Welcome, esteemed fellow pilots, to the LWA testing room. Do you know the miscellaneous, the quirky, the important about Livewire Virtual Airlines? Perhaps you don't visit the forums, or maybe you pay no attention to people's profiles and the Employment page. If so, you're missing out on a lot as you'll see from this quiz! But if you've been an involved member of the organization that is taking VAs to a new level, take this quiz with pride in the great big family that is LWA, and enjoy your "flying" colors!

BUT, if you wrinkled your forehead and wondered what in the world I meant by the quiz title as this page loaded, Livewire Virtual Airlines is a community dedicated to benefit flyers by imitating the operation of an airline using Microsoft's Flight Simulator. We are among the oldest VAs out there, one of the biggest, and definitely the BEST! Take this quiz and check out a bit of trivia over the organization, then enter a world of fun, companionship, and flight at!

Created by: Luke Gerst (LA-3030)
  1. Who's our CEO?
  2. Where was our first hub?
  3. Haver a Great Dat. Ring any bells?
  4. So what do those yellow bars in a pilot's identification mean?
  5. What does ATM mean?
  6. When was LWA founded?
  7. How many divisions does LWA have?
  8. How does a pilot receive the Good Conduct ribbon?
  9. Do forum posts add to your flight hours, hours till next promotion, or not at all?
  10. Internal Affairs......

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Quiz topic: How Livewireish am I?