How well do you know the GTQ forums?

The Gotoquiz forums are something many users use. It is an important part of Gotoquiz as there have been over 5 million posts and over 227000 threads.

But how much do you know about the Gotoquiz forums? Find out by taking this wonderful quiz. This quiz will determine how wonderful your knowledge is of the GTQ forums.

Created by: Sphinx

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  1. How many forums are there? (2015)
  2. How many forums have the word 'Room' in their title?
  3. What forum is the most active?
  4. Which forum is the least active?
  5. What forum has approximately 9000 threads? (2015)
  6. Which forum has less than 1000 posts? (2015)
  7. Since what year has The Stage been a GTQ forum?
  8. What forum is for Literature and stories?
  9. What is The Garden used for?
  10. What is The Wine Cellar used for?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the GTQ forums?