The Ultimate Sweeney Todd Lovers Quiz

There are a ton of Sweeney Todd quizzes out there, but none of them were really challenging enough for me! So I spent some time and made the TRUE Sweeney Todd Lovers test! This tests your knowledge of all things Sweeney Todd!

This quiz will test you on Broadway and movie knowledge, quotes, orders, names, lyrics, and miscellaneous trivia. I've scoured my brain for all sorts of random goodies! Do you're best, and no cheating, or I'll Sweeney Todd ya! Haha! Good luck!

Created by: Alice
  1. Lets start easy shall we. Who composed Sweeney Todd?
  2. Who was the original Sweeney Todd, on Broadway?
  3. In the 2007 movie version of Sweeney Todd, Colleen Atwood was credited for what?
  4. Sweeney Todd (2007) was nominated for which three oscars?
  5. What 1973 play was the musical Sweeney Todd originally based on?
  6. Who wrote the previously mentioned play?
  7. How many Tony awards did the musical win?
  8. Which actor/actress from Sweeney Todd (2007) has wanted to be their character since a young age?
  9. About how many seconds were edited out of American version of the final scene? (This is rumoured)
  10. What color was the fake blood on set?
  11. Both Depp and Burton have stated that they've drawn inspiration from a certain genre of movie for this. What was it?
  12. Which of these actresses has NOT played Mrs Lovett?
  13. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd... - In relation to the 2007 movie.
  14. Please finish these lyrics (Broadway) "It's not a gate. There's no gate, You don't have a gate."
  15. Please finish these lyrics! (Movie) "By the sea, Mr. Todd, that's the life I covet, By the sea, Mr. Todd, ooh, I know you'd love it! You and me, Mr. T, we could be alone In a house wot we'd almost own, Down by the sea!"
  16. How many times does Mrs Lovett kiss Sweeney in "By The Sea"? (Movie)
  17. Who is the beggar woman?
  18. How many people does Sweeney Todd kill in the movie? (2007)
  19. Whose breasts changed size throughout the movie thanks to out of order shooting?
  20. Easy question :) Sweeney Todd's real name was?
  21. How many years was Sweeney away (Movie)
  22. How many insects does Mrs Lovett kill in 'Worst Pies'? (Movie)
  23. Mrs Lovett's nickname for Sweeney is?
  24. Toby was given a penny to buy what?
  25. How many razors does Sweeney Todd's case hold?
  26. Toby's drink of choice is?
  27. Who choreographed the broadway show?
  28. Sacha Baron Cohen sung the entire score of which musical for his audition?
  29. What year did Sweeney Todd first open?
  30. For which scene was a spinning machine used?
  31. This is that ______ collaboration between Burton and Depp.
  32. Who was almost cast as Johanna?
  33. What name was the movie shipped to some theaters under?
  34. At the end of which song in the movie do Mrs Lovett and Sweeney Todd strike the promotional pose used in the original?
  35. What is the address on Mrs Lovett's shop in the movie?
  36. Who hired their own personal barber in order to prepare for their role?
  37. What is Toby's full name?
  38. Antony's last name is?
  39. Which one is correct? (Movie version)
  40. Last question! Very easy, haha! Sweeney Todd is a...

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