How much do you know about Kish?(ME!)

Ok, so i saw that most people have this, "how much do you know me" quizes, so i figured i make one of my own. Just a couple of questions about me, and you will know how much you know me, whether you really know me or it was luck!

There really is nothing else to say about this test, just that it contains most of the things about my personality and stuff. Be sure to comment your result, just so that i know! So, lets see how much you know me!

Created by: Kish
  1. What gender am i?
  2. How old am i?
  3. What colour hair do i have?
  4. What colour are my eyes?
  5. What is my body structure?
  6. What sports do i play?
  7. What subject, out of these, am i good at?
  8. Which of these languages am i good at?
  9. What is my favourite colour?
  10. How often am i on gotoquiz?
  11. What type of movies do i enjoy watching?
  12. Where do i think is an ideal place to date?
  13. What music do i listen to?
  14. Do i love animals?
  15. What is my favourite food?
  16. What are/were my grades?
  17. Which of these best describes me? (1)
  18. Which of these best describes me? (3)

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Kish?(ME!)