Some odd situations in squash refereeing!

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How well do you know the rules of squash? How good is your Squash Refereeing? Try your hand at this multiple choice quiz where only one of the answers is correct. (By the way, that's a drawing of the Titanic, complete with Squash Court!)

This quiz tests you on some of the odder things that can happen on the squash court. They wouldn't all happen in a single match, or even over a season bit they DO HAPPEN!

Created by: Lee Healy
  1. One of the players requests a change of referee before the match commences. As referee you . . . .
  2. Once of the players does not wish to warm up with the opponent and requests to use a different court. What is your decision as referee?
  3. The home player in a league match claims that they have a tradition that the visiting player gets to serve first. What should you decide?
  4. Before the match commences a player objects to the black gear being worn by his opponent on the basis that their club has a "Whites Only" clothing rule. What should be your response?
  5. The server throws the ball from the racket rather than the hand to serve it. At the end of the rally which the server wins his opponent appeals the serve on the basis that it was not thrown up by hand. As referee your response to the appeal should be . . . .
  6. The server serves from the incorrect service box and you fail to spot the error. The opponent who loses the rally appeals that the serve was taken from the wrong box. What is your decision as referee?
  7. One of the players requests a change of ball. What should the referee decide?
  8. The ball is in flight and is coming from the front wall just over the head the opponent. The player is shaping up to play the ball and may strike the opponent with the racket as there is interference with the swing. You call "Stop" and award a stroke to the player. The opponent appeals on the grounds that the player made no appeal for a let. What should be your decision on the appeal?
  9. A player's eyeguards (or sweatband or hankerchief or other object OTHER THAN THE RACKET) fall to the floor during the rally. What should you do as referee.
  10. An object has fallen on the court but was unnoticed until the rally ended. The player who lost the rally appealed for a let on the basis that there was an object on the court. What should be your decision?

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