Starting Middle School

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if you like to talk to tamotos if a squash can make you smile if you like to waltz with patatoes up and down the produce isle Brocalli celary gatta be veggietales halo bids calla fids gatta be veggietales!!

Created by: Kattie1999

  1. It is your first day in middle school and you are so scared you are shacking like a rat. You were home schooled for the first year, but your now in 8th grade. You push open the big blue doors and see hundreds of kids running, screaming, and whispering.
  2. A kid runs into you, "Sorry." he says. He has black hair, and brown eyes. You think he is cute. He runs past you and then you see a police guard running after him. "STOP! YOU MONGRAL!" the police man yells. You are surprised but you go to your first class and get settled in. A few minutes before school starts you see a cute kid and a group come in. The "leader" of the group comes and sits down next to you. "Hey." he says. He has blond hair and is starring at you. "Hi." you quiver. "My name is Micheal. But my friends call me Mitch. And you can call me Mitch." he smoothenling says.
  3. "Uh... ok. My name is ______." you reply. He smiles and turns and starts talking to some one else. You turn backward and see a guy writing on his paper. "Hi. My name is ______." you say. He has black hair. Hes pretty cute. He dosent answer, you look down at his paper. He drew an amazing picture of an anime person. It sort of looks like him. On the picture it has him sitting on a bech alone in a desert looking sad. Above that you see his name Vance. You were about to say something when class started.
  4. Its lunch time and you sit at the corner of a table. Vance comes and sits next to you. He dosent say anything but he sticks a piece of paper in you back pack. Then he leaves and Mitch sits down next to you. "Hey, want to like go to the base ball game with me?" he says with confidence. "Uhh... sure!" you reply.
  5. School is over and you go to the game with Mitch. You have a great time. After the game Mitch takes you to the bunck house because he wants you to meet a friend of his. "Hey, Ricki!" he yells, "This guy is the proud winner of the game! He is number 9." he says. "Wow! He made 5 home runs!" you whisper. "I thought i told you i needed some time alone! I mean Brianna...! Uh OH! Sorry Mitch i thought you were Brianna." he glances at you. "Who is Brianna." you ask. "Uh... she is a friend." he stares at you. "It is his girl friend." Mitch interupts. "That is only half true! But, any way who is this." he sternly replies. "My name is _______" you blush. "Well, hello! My name is Ricki."
  6. The three of you talk for about half an hour. You say you have to go and you start walking home. You walk through the park and you trip over some one. "Oh im sorry" you say. And the guy pulls you down into a small ditch. "Hey are you trying to blow my cover!" he asks. "Uh... what..." you were inturupted. He covers your mouth. A police squad runs past the ditch. "Uhh. Were they looking for you?" you ask. "Ya, im the one and only Caleb! Havent you heard of me?" he whispers. "Im afraid not! Now if youll exscuse me!" you start to stand up, but he pulls you back down. "Whats your name?" he asks. "______! Now i will be going!" you stand up. "Ok see you at school." he whispers. You go home and lay on your bed. You look though your back pack when you see the piece of paper Vance gave you. You open it up and it is a anime picture of you! It is beautifully drawn and under you it says "Hi" and a heart right next to it.
  7. You fall asleep fast. The next day you wier...
  8. You get on the bus and sit in your asighned seat, which is in fact next to Vance! "Hey" you say. He dosent answer. You pull out a picture of him and you walking in the park holding hands. You give it to him and he looks at it and then looks at you. "Thanks." he says.
  9. You arrive at school. You go inside to see Mitch with another girl, FLURTING! You feel sad, but you never had a real relationship any way. You slam against your locker. "Is something wrong" a girl asks. "Uh... I thought me and Mitch were going out or something." you huff. "Oh... Micheal, he does that to all the girls. Even me. My advice stay away from him. Name is Brianna and you are?" she replies. "_____. Thanks for the advice. Wait Brianna... you are Ricki's girl friend?" you ask. "Well, not any more. We broke up last night. He is a nice guy and all, but it wasnt for me." she says sadly. "Well, maybe ill see you later" you walk away. She waves. You turn to wave back when you are ran into! You fall to the floor. You see Caleb! He is the trouble maker! "Uhh... sorry again." he says. "What ever." you stand up. He runs off followed by a police man like last time.
  10. You go into class and sit down. Mitch comes up and says, "Hey, you know there is the dance coming up, and i was woundering if you wanted to go with me?". You ignore him. "Ill take that as a yes? ... As a maybe? ... As a no?" he looks sad. You look at him and yell, "I will never go out with you again! You... You... You Mongral!". He walks away surprised.
  11. School is over and you run through the park trying not to trip on anything or anyone! You look back and are hit by Caleb. You look up from the pavement. And see Caleb dragging you to a dirt hill. He sat by you. Men with guns ran past you. "I guess i have a knack for saving you. Ill be frank! Do you want to go to the dance with me?" he says. "Uhh... ill give you an answer tomarrow." you say.
  12. And theN CLIFF HANGER!Thanks for taking my quiz! sTAY TUNE FOR pART 2.

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